Splish Splash is a hybrid wash system, which combines the best of the car wash world to give you a first class car wash in the shortest possible time. 

We are an exterior only wash; you never have to leave the comfort of your front seat, just sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Propelled by a conveyer, your vehicle is guided through our state of the art cleaning system which consists of various cleaning stations. The system uses the same chemicals employed in a touch-free system. The soft cloths and high pressure water jets give you a clean vehicle in the shortest possible time.

Your visit will consist of two parts; First you will be guided into the tunnel and greeted by the attendant who will instruct you to place your vehicle in neutral with your foot off the brake, at this point you will make your wash selection and pay the attendant, your vehicle will also be prepared for the wash and the second part when you will be carried through the wash.

In the wash process your vehicle will be sprayed with a pre-soak that will begin to break down the road film that has accumulated, then soap foam will be applied and massaged by soft cloth and foam fingers. Next you will enter the high pressure area and your entire vehicle will be washed by high pressure water. The next section is the appearance area where a foaming conditioner will be applied and massaged on to your vehicle. This is followed by the rinse area where you are rinsed first with plain water then a drying agent is applied followed by a sealer and finally a spot free rinse. 



As you exit the tunnel you will pass through the drying area where six fifteen horse power fans will remove ninety to ninety five percent of the water that remains.

We have self service vacuums for your convenience; they run for approximately four minutes for $1.00.

Splish Splash Auto Bath Express Wash 166 Niagara St. East Alton IL 62024   618-259-7721
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 Hours of Operation  :  Mon. – Sat. 8:00 am – 6:00 pm  Sundays 8 am – 4 pm

Splish Splash Auto Bath Express Wash